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Regional Clinical Manager
Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers.

The Medadept system is a state of the art documentation, billing, and management system for rehab departments. The mobile platform allows therapists to do point of service documentation and billing which gives the best and true information eliminating systematic errors created due to a delay between treatment and documentation.  The documentation is designed to help the therapist create appropriate skilled documentation that withstands scrutiny by auditors. Though directed, it allows for unlimited individualization of the documentation including dictated information. The system improves productivity as documentation and charge capture are done point of service. But the true benefit is that all documentation is easily maintained being done point of service so that it never is created retrospectively.  The system also allows for reports that are unparalleled in the industry.  It is able to not only track individual productivity, but also determine profit and loss down to the individual therapist for improved staff management.