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Post-acute care optimization strategies that create high value
service delivery across the post-acute continuum

Developing High Value Post-Acute Care Networks Is Critical To
Population Health Management

Our solutions enable seamless clinical integration of
post-acute care networks for enhanced quality, cost
effectiveness, and patient satisfaction under alternative,
value-based reimbursement models.

IncreMedical adds value to the care continuum through innovative solutions that enable collaborative and coordinated care between health care systems, ACOs, and PAC Providers.

IncreMedical optimizes care transitions and quality care metrics for chronic disease states through management and advisory services and our innovative proprietary MedAdept® software. This combination of expertise and technology leads to better care and stronger financial performance by improving efficiencies and enabling new cost-effective care delivery strategies for accountable, value-based care.

We optimize disease management workflows and care coordination across the continuum of rehabilitation, long term care, assisted living, home health, hospice, and DME/HME providers. The result is more cost-effective, patient-centric care.

Process optimization starts at acute admission and continues through acute discharge to the post-acute continuum all the way to the patient's home. Our goal is supporting the patient and their caregivers to achieve the highest level of self-care, enhance health outcomes, and reduce acute exacerbations and avoidable readmissions.

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Post-Acute Care Optimization Solutions

IncreMedical's innovative IT-enabled solutions minimize avoidable costs across the continuum by optimizing care, coordination, transitions, clinical workflows, and quality metrics.

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Care Management Solutions

Our Protensiveā„¢ cross-continuum care management solutions deliver longitudinal chronic care management strategies for improving quality metrics, reducing readmissions, and lowering total cost of care.

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IT and Analytics Solutions

We leverage the analytics and clinical decision support integrated into our proprietary MedAdept® software to improve efficiencies and re-engineer new cost-effective care delivery models for accountable value-based care.

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