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Advisory Services

IncreMedical, a national provider of care management solutions, offers a diverse array of advisory services to align with the needs of your organization. Our executive team, dedicated to a lifetime in healthcare services, uses expertise to navigate barriers and position your organization with a competitive edge, in relationships with key market partners.

Our Advisory Services

  • DME Optimization Programs
  • Population Health Consulting Services
  • Post-Acute Network Development
  • Disease State Management Programs
  • Avoidable Readmission Reduction Programs
  • Market Share Leakage Controls
  • Value-Based Contracting Services
  • PMPM Contracting Opportunities
  • Rehabilitation Management Services

Business Development Advisory Services

IncreMedical executives and market experts offer a powerful solution for acute and post-acute care that generates revenue for hospital ancillary services and medical equipment providers, decreases the cost of hospitalizations, and solidifies network partnerships. Our business development services traverse the range of needs from executive presentations to the structuring of documents, contracts, and proposals for a diverse group of partners.

Clinical Services

IncreMedical’s software platforms drive a clinical process that is efficient and evidence-based best practice. To ensure success, we are available to advise on pathways and protocols that put care into action. Through comprehensive discovery, an organization analysis can reveal performance improvement areas, including infrastructure change, staffing ratio improvement, and the need for tools, resources, and training for practitioners to practice at the top of their clinical license. We can help transform your organization into a demonstrated care management platform.

Operational Services

Our goal is to provide a solution that brings operational efficiencies, financial gain, and process improvement to your organization. The IncreMedical software platforms generate an array of reports and cost analytics, including the cost to serve. As such, your organization may benefit from additional support for business management reporting and making informed decisions based on report results. Training sessions on report interpretation are commonly added for a rich understanding of financially impactful reports. The measurement of productivity reveals areas where operational attention and modification of processes are indicated. Statements of work will be generated to itemize the work required to complete items such as; data clean-up which affects both clinical and financial reporting, and software customization which are above customary.

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