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Critical strategies and technologies for delivering
value-driven post-acute care

Three decades of hospital and community-based, post-acute
care management expertise

We optimize performance and value across the continuum of care through
our strategic platform that combines our post-acute care management expertise
and proprietary technology solutions.

IncreMedical has combined three decades of hospital and community-based, post-acute management expertise with innovative proprietary IT and analytics to deliver exceptional value-driven care management solutions.

Our goals are to:

  • support the patient and their caregivers to function at the highest level of self-care
  • enhance health outcomes
  • reduce acute exacerbations and avoidable readmissions

We add value to the care continuum

We optimize care transitions

We optimize disease management workflows and care coordination

Post-Acute Care Optimization Solutions

IncreMedical's innovative IT-enabled solutions minimize avoidable costs across the continuum by optimizing care, coordination, transitions, clinical workflows, and quality metrics.

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Care Management Solutions

Our Protensive™ cross-continuum care management solutions deliver longitudinal chronic care management strategies for improving quality metrics, reducing readmissions, and lowering total cost of care.

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IT and Analytics Solutions

We leverage the analytics and clinical decision support integrated into our proprietary MedAdept® software to improve efficiencies and re-engineer new cost-effective care delivery models for accountable, value-based care.

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“I would like to express my satisfaction with the Medadept product for Hospice.  As a clinician, time and ease of use are of the essence and this handheld device meets both of those needs. Several options that are key to this particular product:

  • Mobile  – this size is much easier to use and carry in the field

  • Handwriting recognition

  • Ability to dictate

  • A nurse designed it – that is a huge plus

Thank you for considering Medadept – it is what the clinicians in the field have been wanting for a long time”.

Regional Manager

“We implented Medadpet into our company in September of 2010 replaceing a well known therapy software that no longer met our needs. We needed a software program that provided our therapists true time savings and better documentation accuracy.  Implementation was successful in all of our sites and our therapists feel they have a gained a valuable tool with point of service documentation and charge entry.  MedAdept has provided our company a software platform that gives us and our customers better accuracy and true cost savings that are vital in todays skilled nursing therapy arena”.

President and CEO
Therapy Service Company

“Medadept’s Practice Performance software makes the appointment scheduling process so simple.  I have easy access to all of our patient demographics.  It’s so easy to use!”

Scheduling Department
Outpatient Physical Therapy Center

“Our company is very excited to service our clients with Medadept’s Practice Performance software!
IPED documentation is extremely easy to use. It enables instant access to all of our patient records allowing for quick and accurate documentation. The IPED interfaces with voice recognition so that you can document additional notes and its integration with the Practice Performance software for scheduling, billing and collections makes for more accurate claims resulting in faster re-imbursement.  The “alerts” functionality enables our company to submit clean claims eliminating denials. The reference tables are extremely helpful In setting up our providers practices allowing us to customize our practice set up to meet each clients’ specific needs.  And the reporting capabilities are endless!”

Billing and Accounts Receivables

“Medadept’s practice performance software has simplified the exchange of information from front end office to billing and collections has eliminated redundant key entry and simplified the whole process.  I love how you can perform a search from literally any field and report on anything needed.  Updates to the patient’s demographics can be easily accessed from any screen. Additional notes can be added and highlighted onto the patient statements. Easy viewing of payment records from the patient Case screen enables a quick and accurate response to patient’s calls.”

Medical insurance billing specialist,
Revenue Cycle Management Company

“We are experiencing benefits on many fronts the main one being reimbursement.  We’re seeing a more consistent flow of revenue, and more revenue per treatment.  The transition to IPED has actually gone better than I expected.  All in all we cannot express how pleased we are with Medadept and the product we purchased.”

Outpatient Physical Therapy Center

The Medadept system is a state of the art documentation, billing, and management system for rehab departments. The mobile platform allows therapists to do point of service documentation and billing which gives the best and true information eliminating systematic errors created due to a delay between treatment and documentation.  The documentation is designed to help the therapist create appropriate skilled documentation that withstands scrutiny by auditors. Though directed, it allows for unlimited individualization of the documentation including dictated information. The system improves productivity as documentation and charge capture are done point of service. But the true benefit is that all documentation is easily maintained being done point of service so that it never is created retrospectively.  The system also allows for reports that are unparalleled in the industry.  It is able to not only track individual productivity, but also determine profit and loss down to the individual therapist for improved staff management.

Regional Clinical Manager
Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers.

“The IPED is much faster than our old way of documenting notes. The use of the IPED makes me feel safer allowing me to document as I’m seeing my patient, therefore, you can’t forget what you did.  I like how it helps keep track of how many units so that I am Medicare compliant.”

Physical Therapy Clinic

“After being in a regional leadership role in a large national health care company and helping to build an organic system I looked very carefully in choosing our hospitals system for outpatient operations.  I was looking for very specific performance metrics that would deliver all of the sophistication I previously experienced and take it to the next level. The reasons I chose the Medadept system are multiple:  However, here are the primary reasons:
· Sophistication– with technology reports and tangible operational results due to simplicity;
· Regulatory compliance and knowledge— the expertise that is demonstrated at multiple levels within the company from programming to billing and training is at the heart of the product!
· Customer service— demonstrated by front line service teams and chain leadership who are patient and who diligently follow-up on every question/ need in a solution oriented manner even during days/hours that you don’t expect to hear back. Our training was seamless and our roll out was executed flawlessly.  The team was a pleasure to work with and the product delivers tangible results. Additionally, I am excited by the possibilities that this product can be tailored and launched in other aspects of our It is refreshing to have a product that is malleable and spans all operations.”

Director Patient Care Services
Rehabilitation Hospital

“We have continued to see significant growth in our rehab services from 1 clinic to 5 in the last 6 years that we have had Medadept as a partner.  We are impressed by their EMR and billing system, which was implemented flawlessly, and allowed provider’s to perform point of service charting and charge capture. These systems along with their revenue cycle management and operations expertise has proven very effective in enhancing referring physician and patient satisfaction, as well as compliance, productivity and profitability. The staff at the Clinics have been very pleased with Medadept and I would highly recommend their EMR and PM systems, revenue cycle management services and operations management expertise ”.

Orthopedic and Spine Center

I have been a nurse for 32 years and was thrilled to learn about the IPED. It will save the nursing staff significant documentation time allowing more time with the patients and residents. What is critically important to the nursing department is the ease of use. Point of Service delivery is exactly what we need. This product makes the job of the nurse easier by being able to do point of service documentation. This increases nurse satisfaction thereby improving the overall retention rate. As the Program Administrator for the Center for Nursing Excellence in Long Term Care, I absolutely endorse this product. 

National Nursing Society

“This is an amazing tool! Its not just a documentation system – it critically thinks – it guides the nurse through a very thorough head to toe assessment which identifies patient problems. It actually functions and thinks the way a nurse is trained to think. Most other systems are a series of checkboxes – the nurse gets trained to check boxes. This system engages the nurse – really stimulates her to think about her assessment and then it furthers prompts her to develop a thorough care plan which improves the care we give. Some of our doctors have their preferred protocols or special orders for their patients and this program allows us to add those to our care plans. I love the messaging system that allows all of the disciplines to discuss patients and log the discussion for CMS and JCAHO. I love this –its fun to use, saves time in documenting, gives me more time to spend taking care of my patients, and also gives me more time to have a life! Every nurse I know would love to use this system!”

RN, Director of Healthcare Operations
Senior living Center

“Implementing IPED at our clinics literally saved our business.  IPED boosted our productivity and charge capture it allowed us to design and manage a performance based compensation system and has returned us to profitability.  We have been so impressed with Medadept that we have now entered into a revenue cycle management service agreement and have contracted with IncreMedical’s outsourced management arm to provide all clinic management services”.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Centers

“IPED’s ability to identify, in real time, the minutes of care that each therapist needs to deliver for a patient’s appropriate RUG category has eliminated hours of manual calculations and communications within our facilities.  This benefit combined with the ability to use IPED at the point of service to quickly document and bill for care increased our efficiency and resulted in a decrease in wasted, non-productive minutes.   For Part B, IPED’s built-in coding compliance has helped regulate our therapists in regards to billing the correct time based units per Medicare’s 8-minute rule.  These two features alone create an ROI that exceeds our expectations.”

VP Operations
Physical Therapy Services